5 Minute Meditation for Students (Guided Meditation to Improve Grades)


Just 5 minutes of meditation before lectures can literally help students get better grades, a study in California has found. Today I would like to share more about 5 Minute Meditation for Students in this article.

It was done among students at the University of California. It has become clear that those who practice Zen and the art of meditation, do better on exams, tests and other university challenges, says Mindfulness magazine.

5 Minute Meditation for Students

In one experiment, students who meditated for 5 minutes only before beginning a lecture were able to focus significantly better and extract more information from class than others.

Scientists have found that by monitoring who meditates, they can even predict who will fail and who will get good grades on an upcoming test!

“Our data show that meditation helps those students who have difficulty concentrating and paying attention,” said study authors Professor R. Humans of G.M University and PhD student J. Rumsberg of the University of Illinois, USA.

“Unfortunately, the most distracted students are freshmen, as this type of young people, who find it difficult to impose discipline and self-regulation, most often leave the university before reaching higher courses,” the authors said. .

“Just five minutes of meditation for students brings better test results,” promises Rumsberg, a practicing Buddhist.

“I think that if meditation can increase mental clarity, concentration and self-discipline, it can be useful in a number of other situations and for many other purposes,” he said.

“In general, if you are a little more focused and caring about yourself and your place in the world, you will also get important practical benefits – in this case, better results in school.” he added.

As we all know that student life is getting more stressful these days. It’s not mandatory for students to accept any stress or worry in life.

Making 5 Minute Meditation a daily practice and with the helps of a few concentration or relaxation techniques, students can deal with any stress as well as they can help themselves in getting their concentration, memory and grades improved.

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Benefits of Meditation for Students

Benefits of Meditation for Students

We all know that meditation is a great tool that allows students to improve their physical as well as mental health.

Students’ academic life is also affected on a good side with the regular practice of meditation. A few benefits that students receive from meditation include:

1. Stress and Anxiety Relief

It has been shown in studies done by the University of California that students can get rid of their anxiety and reduce stress hormones in their body by practicing meditation regularly.

2. Improved Concentration

Students who practice meditation or mindfulness, ultimately become capable of dealing with any distractions, avoiding them and are able to concentrate on anything better.

3. Increased Memory Power

To achieve your academic goals, memory power is a primary tool that’s required. Practicing mindfulness meditation helps students and increases their memory power to remember their studies and everything.

4. Being Creative

If you wanna solve any problem, you need to have a creative mind that can think out of the box. That’s exactly what meditation and mindfulness gives students, it polishes your creativity and skills.

5. No to Drugs and Addictions

Mindfulness and Meditation gives you the most precious gifts of life that are self-love, self-esteem, self-care.

When students meditate on a daily basis, that’s what they receive and the mentioned qualities allow students to stay away from any Drugs or addictions.

6. Self-Belief and Confidence

5 Minute Meditation for students help them in improving their mental and physical health. Perfect mental and physical health makes you more confident in all the areas of life and gives you higher self-belief to deal with anything in life.

Short Guided Meditation for Students

Short Guided Meditation for Students

Though meditation for students is very easy, just start with some breathing techniques or by just being aware of your breaths or a simple body scan meditation.

However, if you, being a student face any difficulty in focusing on any point then you must try short guided meditation.

There are number of short guided meditations that are available on the internet or YouTube. You can explore, search, select the one that suits your nature, situation or you feel good or comfortable with.

As these short guided meditations can help you in a lot of areas of life such as improved academic results being a student, peaceful sound sleep, better concentration, being happy most of the time, self-esteem, self-confidence, relaxation and more.

There are countless different techniques and forms of short guided meditations available. Many short guided meditation are with music, without background music. Some include repetitions, some don’t.

Choose any short guided meditation that you gives you a feel good factor, that helps you to concentrate and relax, that you can easily resonate with, that suits your personality, nature and needs.

How long should a Student Meditate?

Students must start with 5 to 10 minutes of meditation. Time is important but way more than that is your commitment to make it a daily practice. You must commit to yourself before you start. Work on your intentions before starting to meditate.

After every 2 weeks, you may increase the time / minutes of meditation by 5, if you feel comfortable with it.

If you have any queries with regards to this 5 Minute Meditation for Students, please feel free to ask.