What are the 7 Chakras in Our Body


To know and understand what are the 7 chakras in our body, lets first know what is a chakra. “Chakras” is a word taken from the Sanskrit language and meaning “Wheel”. There are different and extensive information about them. In Asia these energy centers have been known and worked since ancient times.

These are cone-shaped spirals of energy that rotate according to their state, are more or less wide, more or less bright and more or less translucent. Its size is directly connected to the spiritual development and vibrations that we emit.

What are the 7 Chakras in Our Body?

Each chakra is related to a color with which it has a frequency of vibration, in turn they also have a sound or mantra that corresponds to a musical note and has its element (earth, water, air, fire).

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Formerly approximately 88,000 chakras were known in our body (in a Human Body), but initially we will only work with the main 7. These 7 main chakras are located in the human body from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The first and the seventh have only one access and the rest have double access, anterior and posterior.

What are the 7 Chakras in Our Body

Our aura connects directly to these seven main chakras. The rest of the chakras in our body play secondary roles, they communicate through energy channels known as Meridians.


The human body chakras are responsible for the energy flow of our organism, their function is to absorb energy, assimilate it and feed our aura and finally emit energy to the outside. They unite our physical body with the subtle.

They function as receivers and emitters of energy, for them it is where we lose energy when we suffer physically or emotionally, since each chakra of our body deals with a certain area or area of ​​organs, glands and functions, linked to the emotional, psychic and spiritual plane. Its perfect harmony is equal to perfect health.

There are many chakra opening techniques, such as Mantras, Meditation, Chanting and Reiki – many methods are considered to be the gentlest ways to open and activate the Human Body Chakras.

In future posts we will break down each chakra in our body in order to know and interpret where we have deficiencies and where we should pay more attention to our body. Thereafter, we’ll get a brief idea on what are the 7 chakras in our body, how to activate them, what exercises are useful and more.

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