How to Manifest Something Quickly – 2 Cup Technique


Herein, today we’re going to talk about the Law of Attraction Manifestation and how to manifest something quickly through the 2 cup technique. We have proofs that we (human beings) have the power to manifest anything or any desire we have into our lives and this is scientifically proven.

Everyone has the power to manifest the life of their dreams. Manifestation or implementation of something through spiritual thoughts and intentions can be done in many ways – such as meditation, visualization, 2 cup of water technique & more.

How to Manifest Something Quickly?

The Quantum Jumping Technique – Dimensional or quantum jumps…

Quantum physics shows a picture of how many different dimensions can exceed our so-called three dimensions. It is known that the tenth dimension means the infinity of infinite potential parallel time lines or parallel realities.

There are parallel schedules.

Quantum physics shows that when quantum particles can exist at different levels in material form, but not between levels. When observed, these particles disappear from one state and appear in another or appear to “flash like light”.

Quantum leap is another way of describing dimensional leaps or the process of jumping to an alternate reality through intention. For example, the technique of manifesting something quickly is “two cups”.

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The two-cup technique combines the idea of ​​quantum or dimensional jumps with subconscious programming.

Law of Attraction Manifestation


Quick & Instant Manifestation – Two Cups Technique

What you need:

  • Take two identical glasses or cups
  • Water
  • Sticky notes
  • Pen

Choose something you want to manifest.

Fill only one cup with water.

Stick one identical blank sticky note on each cup.

On your Cup With Water or Glass With Water, according to your intentions, write where you are right now … Write about your current situations, your present condition. Tell what you are going through … e.g. health, love, work …. Write the negative stuff that’s going on or that’s not right.

Now, on the Cup Without Water – Write on it – what you would like to manifest quick & fast. Write your goals clearly. Write on the sticky note how you want your life situations exactly to be, e.g. My research is excellent or My company has given me a raise or Yesterday I found the Love of my life or My Health is getting better now and I am feeling wonderfully great …..

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If you wish to manifest something quickly or fast, just make sure whatever you write on the “Cup without Water” must be in present tense. It must convey you already have what you want to manifest – that’s the key.

It should be remembered that in such manifestations, each word or omission of a word matters. Ask yourself exactly what you want to be able to give a definite answer. Let there be consistency.

Hold the “Cup With Water” in your hands. Close your eyes and think about how you feel about the current unsatisfactory situation.

Feel about your current circumstances, feel about not feeling good or all the negative stuff that’s going on and simply send all your negative emotions regarding your situations to the water.

Pour First Cup to Second


Then pour water from the First Cup (The Cup With Water) into the Second Cup (Cup Without Water). By doing this, you begin to transform negative into positive. You’re not merely changing the Cup, rather changing / converting / transforming negative energies to positive – just keep that in mind.

Now, you have to hold the Second Cup (Cup Without Water) in your hand (the one that has what you want to manifest quickly) and meditate for a few minutes, imagining what it would be like if you received what you want. Feel the joy, satisfaction and all other positive emotions at this moment.

If you want to manifest something quickly then you must feel the feeling of how you would actually feel when you’ll manifest what you want. Try to make this feeling as real as possible.

Meditate to Manifest


Now drink the water and wait for your manifestations to come true. That’s it – it is as simple as that.

As you know, water maintains memory and information vibrations. Any intentions recorded in a cup or glass with water in it will affect the structure. Hence. with the help of the energy of water you’ll be able to manifest fast and quickly whatever you want.

By writing your manifestations, you load water with intent and drinking it transfers it to all your cells and ultimately to your subconscious mind.

Therefore, this manifestation technique consists of many spiritual and scientific principles that together increase the power of manifestation to benefit you and your life.

The law of attraction is the basis of all manifestations. And it helps you to manifest as quick as you possibly can.

Positive thoughts attract positive events. However, most thoughts happen unconsciously. They are all born in the unconscious mind and can lead a life without our knowledge.

Faith, love is the key to everything, so beloved life is within reach and how we lead it depends only on ourselves.

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So, if you’re looking for How to Manifest Something Quickly then use this 2 Cup Technique for 7 days only and I’m sure you’ll be amazed to manifest miracles literally into your life.