How Does Kubera Mudra Work (How to do it)


Here, in this post you’ll learn about the Kubera Mudra which is becoming extensively popular these days and very well known to be the Mudra of attaining Wealth and Abundance. Hence, we would like to talk about How Does Kubera Mudra Work and how to do or practice this Mudra to attract wealth.

The Kubera mudra is dedicated to Kuber, who as per the Indian culture is the lord of all the wealth that’s available in the Universe and is used to attract prosperity in life. It is associated with desires and inner strength and increases the desire for wealth and well-being.

Three fingers are used to represent or symbolize Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn: thumb, middle finger, and index finger, respectively. Mars symbolizes strength, Jupiter the radiance and Saturn the fixation on the essential. When the three fingers come together, an energy of intensity of thought and strength is created. It can also be used to accomplish other specific goals, short or long term.

The Kubera mudra must be done concentrated, with focus and sense of what is desired. If you see, it is the most simple mudra and yes you can literally practice it almost anywhere you feel like.

How to do and How does Kubera Mudra work?

How to do Kubera Mudra

We start from a comfortable position, with our eyes open or closed depending on the choice and we will use one or both hands. The tips of the thumb, index and middle fingers are joined, while the ring and little fingers are drawn inwards, in the palm.

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There is no specific time to maintain the Kubera mudra posture, although it is recommended at least several minutes two or three times a day.

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