How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You want (Instantly)


Everyone wants to know how to use the law of attraction to get what you want and on the other hand the law of attraction comes to say that we can get what we want just by imagining it. Is it that easy?

It is clear that you are not going to achieve something instantly just by thinking about it, but when you put an image in your head and visualize it as a goal to reach, the world will revolve around it and you will achieve it.

The law of attraction is based on the fact that the things you think come to your life, so if you think positive things you will attract good things and on the contrary, if you are negative and you always think that everything will go wrong, it will indeed be so.

I personally knew about this law for the first time when I read The Secret, a popular book that has sold millions of units and is based on telling what this theory consists of and how to put it into practice.

And I have to say that in my case this theory has helped me a lot and that’s why I want to tell you here how exactly I applied the law of attraction and how it changed my life.

I know this sounds a little viewy, but calm, don’t convince yourself that you have to hit your pats on the chest repeating a phrase, in the style of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

How to apply the Law of Attraction in your Life to get what you really want

How to apply the Law of Attraction in your Life to get what you really want

Herein, I am going to tell you briefly about how to apply the law of attraction in your life to get what you want, with practical examples that I myself have had in my life, so that you can understand it more clearly.

1. Define your goals

This is one of the most important things, knowing what you want. And you cannot confuse this with wanting to be like that person who seems to be happy or with thinking that material things will automatically bring you happiness.

There are people who may seem to be happy but who really are not or vice versa. In either of the cases, you’ll never know what the person truly is. So, you need to choose to think clearly and it’s important to know what you really want as you wouldn’t want to go through the sufferings, misfortunes, illnesses or losses, your so called “seem to be happy” person is facing.

So the first thing you have to do to define your goals is to stop looking at others and look at yourself only, think about what makes you happy on a day-to-day basis and how you would like to live and set goals based on it.

In my case, I loved creating, writing and being able to help others, so living from the project I had in mind, a blog that helps people to go abroad to live, was the ideal goal to fight for.

Maybe you like to cook, be with animals, plants, travel, drive, socializing with people, soccer, a specific car.


Find what you know that fills you up & find and define your goal based on it. Find what you want to be and what you want to have. Try and figure out what really makes you happy and brings you bliss and not to pretend to others.

2. Make a plan

Once you are clear about what you want, design a plan to get it. Take a paper and a pen or create a document on your computer and define a step-by-step plan.

This way it will be easier for you to visualize what you want and what you have to do to get it.

We live in a society that bombards us with products every day, things that tell us that we need them and with various problems whose solution is not that it depends on us on many occasions.

All of this can divert our attention from what we really want and need in our lives.

So if you have done a good job of hindsight and really know what you want, write it down so you don’t forget and please make sure that nothing & no one confuses you.

3. Work on your Plan

You are not going to achieve things by just imagining them, you have to work for it and know well what you have in your hands to achieve it.

The plan that you make, make it by accepting the rules of the game, it is useless that you want to change the world and for this your plan is to rob the Bank of America, that better leave it for fiction scripts.

If you want a specific car, the first step would be to know the price. Once you know what it is worth, do the calculations of the money you would need to save and how you could get it:

• Selling things you don’t use, like the car you have right now.
• Money that you can save month by month.
• Extra work you can do.

Understanding The Law of Attraction

Understanding the LOA

Identify the Signs and Enjoy the Journey

Once you have in mind the money or objective you need and know that you are going to achieve it, you will see that everything will start to revolve around you so that you can achieve it.

Maybe someone will come and make you an offer for your car, you will get an extra income that you did not expect or you will get some job that you did not have.

Here is an example of how this theory works. Perhaps that little job that comes to you, before you would not do it out of laziness and because you thought you did not need it. But now that you know the money that you have to collect, that you have it perfectly defined, you will take it delighted and you will even enjoy doing it because you know that you are working to achieve your goal.

Manifesting Trip to Philippines

In my case one of the parts of my plan was to go abroad, something logical if I want to make a competent blog that deals with that. I didn’t want to go to London because it was raining and cold there, but I knew that was my plan and I would succeed and the world would work to bring me what I needed to accomplish my plan.

While working 12 hours a day in a warehouse, I continuously listened to a few audios and English courses. During those days my co-workers were expectant about the boxing match that was coming of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao.


I didn’t even know who Manny Pacquiao was, but I started to find out and saw that he was from the Philippines. There they spoke English and it was a tropical country… Destination decided, I was going to the Philippines.

Money and The Law of Attraction

Money and Manifestation

So I had the destination and defined the plan, save $ 3,400 to go to Philippines and the time I decided for it was within the next 3 months.

I started to explore and ended up learning that there were opportunities to work in call centers. I had no experience with that, but I would go anyway.

And you know what happened?

A friend of mine created a group of WhatsApp Friends and added me to it. After a couple of days a person whom I didn’t know sent a message in this group that a company was looking for telemarketers to work in a call center. Ideal to save a little more money and gain experience!

But it was very difficult to pass, it was an impossible product to beat on the phone. Enjoy and Save, there calling at 4 in the afternoon when people take a nap…

But I was left with a phrase that one of my colleagues said to me when we passed by the window that gave the call center with hundreds of people working. “If these people have succeeded, why not you?” “If these people can, why can’t you?”

Training of 15 days without pay, with 40 people in the batch, they finally hired 20 and I was among the chosen ones.

After about 6 months, of the 20 that we entered, there were 3 of those who entered my course, all the others were being fired for not selling. I was literally working in a company shit and faced with such a number of layoffs every week the stress of my colleagues was understandable.

But I was calm, I did not care the day I was fired, the day I worked, the day I paid and the day I learned for my later objective, to go to the Philippines and find a job there.

And that’s why I managed to sell a product over the phone that I would never buy, because I did not care, I called quietly, I clearly explained the product to the client and did not transmit any anxiety, because I did not have it.

But the savings to leave were going to my car that every month I had to fix with something new. Solution? Sell it for what they gave me and with that and what I had already saved, I would have those $ 3,400 I was looking for.

Job Offers in Philippines with The LOA

Once in the Philippines I got 2 job offers in two weeks, without casting a single resume, just meeting people. I was not overwhelmed, my plan was to stay there for 3 months, if I found a better job and it is what I wanted, but if not, I would simply live the experience.

And once again, the world turned in my favor. In two weeks I had two job offers from two Australians I met.

That is one of the keys to the Law of Attraction. Do not think that just by thinking things you are going to get them, work and take the necessary steps and once you have done what you have to do, wait for the results to arrive, do not get overwhelmed, continue working, learn and enjoy each step you take.

In my case, just imagining having a blog and living on it, it was not enough, the articles were not going to be written alone. And I didn’t want that either, because as I mentioned earlier, writing makes me happy, I like to work on it to achieve my goal.


There are no toxic people or at least try not to think like that. Here I dare to contradict one of the most common beliefs that exists and that seems quite cruel to me, to think that there are toxic people.

Everyone has a good and fun side and a bad side. Focus on seeing the fun part of everyone around you and the people who also see it in you and make you feel good.

Anger and impotence is also energy, take advantage of it!

And if you definitely don’t find the fun part in a person around you, you usually have two options either go against it or change your sidewalk. Choose the second one whenever you can. Although it is true that sometimes it is not enough to change your sidewalk, for example if that person is at work or is a roommate.

It has happened to all of us and it will continue to happen to us, nor do I want you to think that the one who writes this has the formula of happiness.

I have also had situations, especially in workplaces and sharing a flat where you have no choice and you have to see and talk with people you do not like or speak badly of you and I know perfectly well that anger that sometimes consumes us and does not it lets us think about something else, generating negative thoughts that poison us and even affect our character.

Yes, I have lived it and I know what it is, as surely 100% of the population.

But when you have a clear goal to fight for in life, manifest something you want to achieve with all your strength, it will be easier for you to change the chip, start thinking about your things and get those negative thoughts out of your head.

That anger that people can generate does not stop being energy, use it to fight even more strongly for your dreams, to reorganize your life with the things you like and remember, do things for yourself, not for going precisely against that specific person who drives you crazy.

And here is another clear example of how I took advantage of this. In my last job, to which I arrived very excited because I was trying to write for web pages, my boss was quite demanding and squared and had the mind of the boss with a whip unfortunately.

That, together with the fact that I can’t stand being spoken to and that the work was extremely boring, was an explosive cocktail.

Also, I was in a new country, in Germany, I hardly had any friends and I really had a hard time in many moments.

But all that anger I felt when I came to my house was energy, and I put it on my blog, at that moment more than ever I wanted to be able to live on it.

In just two months I finished getting it and I have to say that it was largely thanks to her, I did not want to go back to work for bosses like this and also thanks to what I learned in that job, because after all it was a company that maintained more than 100 people working only with content web pages.

I learned a lot, especially from affiliate marketing, thanks to which I managed to earn the $ 1,000 a month. I needed to dedicate myself completely, dedicating my body and soul to my blog.

In the end I left, I think just before I was fired and since then I have been working for 4 years on what I am passionate about, on my own web pages.

Along the way many other problems have arisen, I have set myself new challenges and I have achieved other things that I once focused on in my mind such as buying a flat or the car I always wanted.

And every time I get something, I know that I automatically have to face another challenge, because if not, life becomes boring and in this world there are still many things to do.

Is there something you haven’t accomplished?

Not everything that I have proposed has always come out, not everything that I have imagined has been fulfilled yet and today I think that many of the things that in my day I considered and did not achieve, it was because I did not want them with enough strength or because along the way I realized that it was not what I wanted.


There was, for example, my attempt at the documentary series The Last Philippine Ball, which I had to leave after months of work because my hard drive fell to the ground and I lost almost everything and then because in a second attempt, a taxi in Manila he stole all my equipment.

But everything happens for something, for a reason and I know that even those things will help me to achieve future goals that I had in mind even before.

My next goal, to make and sell a blog for $ 25,000

Once I managed to live and dedicate myself on my blog, one of the biggest goals I have ever set for myself, I realized that I was not 100% happy either and I even felt empty.

I no longer had anything in my head, no objective to fight for. The last 4 years of my life I was in all kinds of jobs, some very hard and I still enjoyed them all, because I knew that they were the way I had to go until I reached my goal.

And now that I had arrived and lived in a house with a pool in Bali, I felt lonely and emptier than ever.

That’s when I realized that I needed to set another goal in my life, another goal to fight for and this is how I have normally been happiest, working to achieve specific goals.

At the time of writing, my goal is to create and sell a blog for $ 25,000.

I have a project that I’m working on with my other 2 blogs on Meditation and Law of Attraction in which I share comprehensive, detailed information on the subjects from the scratch until I can sell it.

I am going to sell it for $ 25,000

I’ll get it? Time will tell…

Conclusion: Using of LOA Correctly – Summarized in Points

Using The Power of LOA

The Law of Attraction, in my opinion, is nothing more than:

  • Put a clear goal in your mind.
  • Make a plan to achieve it.
  • Work based on it while enjoying the road, taking advantage of the signs that you will find.
  • Always think positive, everything happens for something.

In this way, you will not only achieve many of the things you set for yourself, but you will also be a little happier, especially when you discover that there is more happiness along the way than in achieving the goals itself.

If you want to dig a little deeper into this I recommend two books; The Secret and The Alchemist.

Now that you know how to use the law of attraction to get what you want, then use it with having a crystal clear goal in your mind. While making a plan, have a clear objective and get into specific details about your goal to manifest instantly and to use the law of attraction effectively.

What is your experience with the Law of Attraction? Leave a comment!