Sun Salutation Yoga for Weight Loss (Steps for Beginners)


You don’t have to be a yoga guru to learn the Sun Salutation Yoga for Weight Loss and its positive effects on human health. The name Sun Salutation comes from the Sanskrit name “Surya Namaskar” which means saluting the Sun.

Sun Salutation Yoga is a combination of 12 yoga asanas helps you in weight loss and their sequence is extremely important as well as proper inhalation, exhalation and holding of the breath.

If you perform them in the morning on an empty stomach for 10-15 minutes, you will certainly feel a surge of energy throughout the day, complete mental harmony, which will help you in losing weight and your body will gain flexibility and health over time.

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Regular practice of these Sun Salutation yoga asanas helps the body to cleanse itself of accumulated toxins and on a mental level it reaches awareness and self-improvement.

Sun Salutation Yoga for Weight Loss – Steps for Beginners

It starts from an upright position with folded feet and a straight back.

Inhale and raise your arms until you feel your body lengthen and fill with air. As you exhale, lower your arms to the floor. If you can’t reach the ground with your hands due to a lack of flexibility in your thighs, bend your legs slightly at the knees to place your palms on the ground.

Inhale, bring the right leg back and keep the left leg bent at 90 degrees with the knee above the ankle. Do not bend over or relax your palms.

Hold the air in the next position, called the Plank Board. To perform it, bring your left foot back and stay on the support of your palms and toes. The body should be straight and tight, arms outstretched. Stay in a board position for a second, long enough to move from the previous position to the next.

Exhale in the Chaturanga Dandasana yoga posture – a posture that resembles a push-up, but with your hands close to your body. From the previous plank asana, bend your arms at the elbows and lower your body down in exhalation.

If you have sufficiently developed muscles, hold your body on your palms and feet, with your elbows pointing back. If this is difficult for you to do, relax your abdomen and chest to the ground.

The next yoga asana is a Dog looking up. Lift your upper body up with the intake of air. Stretch your arms and open your shoulders wide. Using your palms, push the force from your arms up, to lower your shoulders away from your ears. Exhale in a downward-facing dog pose. All parts of the body are stretched in this yoga asana.

In addition to helping to improve joint mobility, it has a refreshing and toning effect. From an upward-facing dog position, move back to your knees and lift your tailbone up until your spine is straight from neck to waist. The hands push the weight of the body back to the feet.

Do not think about stretching your legs and lowering your heels to the ground immediately, but focus on straightening your back and keeping your arms straight.

In the next inhale, return the right leg forward bent until the knee reaches the level of the ankle. Exhale by retracting the left leg to the right. Inhale with your hands up as you straighten your body and exhale as you gather your palms in front of your chest in prayer and finish with the positive Namaste greeting!

It is said that if it is performed 108 times, full enlightenment is achieved. I advise you not to try this 108 times if you are not physically prepared. Start with 5 Sun Salutation Yoga rounds and increase the number gradually, as these exercises should bring you bliss of body and soul, not pain.

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It is also said that if you practice Sun Salutation Yoga 7-12 rounds a day, it helps you to lose weight quickly in just 24-30 days. There are number of people performing Sun Salutation Yoga for Weight Loss and reducing fat quickly, you might like to read their testimonies and Surya Namaskar experiences on the internet that are easily available.

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