Mountain Pose in Yoga – Tadasana Posture


Herein, we’re going to explain in detail on how to do / practice Mountain Pose in Yoga (Step-by-Step), Benefits of Mountain Pose in Yoga as well as we’ll get to learn some contradictions, tips and cautions. Lets start with a famous quote:

“The most important purpose of being here is to be and grow like a mountain. I do not wish to shrink like a grain of sand. Hence, from now on, all of my efforts will be simply applied to become the mountain that is highest of all – (Mindona).”

Mountain Pose in Yoga

Tadasana Yoga Pose is a Sanskrit name. If you break up this word Tada


sana, it is “Tada” and “Asana”, wherein Tada means Mountain and Asana means Posture. Hence, we practice the position of a Mountain. Hence, it is knows as Mountain Pose in Yoga.

In the eyes of the rest of the world it is perceived as just standing, however, those of us who practice Yoga know that the Mountain Pose in Yoga (Tadasana) is much more than that.

Mountain Pose in Yoga (Tadasana) is the one that begins and ends all 


postures that are generally performed standing. We can consider it as the basic posture of all standing asanas. With it, the concentration of the mind is maintained and although it may seem simple, the simple fact of aligning the body and activating the muscles correctly, can be a real escalation.

It is important to build the postures step by step to execute them correctly and to obtain all the benefits.

Mountain Pose in Yoga (Tadasana) invokes our best posture, active muscles, strength, balance and concentration, as well as the inherent strength of our spirit (visualizing that we are as strong and firm as a mountain and maybe even that we see everything, we perceive everything, everything is under the level of our sight).


Mountain Pose in Yoga (Tadasana) is the posture from which all other st


anding postures and full inversions are derived. If we can understand and master this posture, we will achieve a better alignment for the rest of the postures since, again and again during practice, we will return to Mountain Pose in Yoga (Tadasana).

How to do the Mountain Pose in Yoga (Tadasana)

  • Stand with firm feet hip-width apart.
  • Take care that your toes, make sure they are pointed forward.
  • Lift your toes up and spread them apart. Keeping your toes apart, lower t
    hem to the ground for a firm base on which you feel your toes, the arch of your foot, and your heel. You can imagine that your feet are two blocks with four corners that touch the ground and root the feet.
  • Affirm or activate the ankles, knees, front thighs, rear thighs and buttocks. Inhale and exhale deeply, contracting and activating the abdomen, try to keep it active throughout the practice.
  • Inhale deeply again while rolling your shoulders back. The palms of the hands face forward.
  • Relax your shoulders and try to bring your shoulder blades together, thus expanding your chest allowing you to maintain deep breathing and posture for longer.
  • Lengthen the spine and neck, directing the crown towards the sky, keeping the jaw parallel to the ground. Imagine a line of energy running freely through your body from your heels to your crown. Keep your throat soft, your tongue, eyes and forehead relaxed.
Mountain Pose in Yoga


Benefits of the Tadasana Posture

  • Create awareness of our posture (during and after practice).
  • If done correctly, it activates or uses all the muscles in the body.
  • Strengthens the mind, developing concentration and relaxation.
  • Strengthens ankles, knees, thighs, abdomen and glutes.
  • It can help control back pain.
  • It can help in the relief of the inflamed sciatic nerve.


Performing Mountain Pose in Yoga (Tadasana) well is not as easy as it may seem since you have to be aware of all the muscles in the body.

As you climb a beautiful mountain, you will gain confidence, you will strengthen your spine, you will improve your body alignment, you will tone your abdomen and glutes, balance your mental fluctuations and increase your energy and much more.

As you can see, many benefits with a very simple posture. But (there is always a but) you have to be careful in some specific cases. Please follow carefully.

Mountain Pose’ Contradictions

If you are pregnant, do mountain pose with your legs hip-width apart, give room for the growing mini-yogi.

Tip: the ears, shoulders and hips should be in a single line perpendicular to the floor.

Cautions: Perform Mountain pose carefully while doing Yoga if you suffer from headaches, dizziness or low blood pressure.