What is and How to Open Third Eye Chakra (7 Simple Techniques)


“Shut up and listen to your inner voice. Instead of wandering around, trust your intuition. You are the most important in this world – give yourself time and silence to hear yourself.
Deepak Chopra

What is Third Eye Chakra

Sixth main chakra, is located between the eyebrows, above the bridge of the nose, slightly above. It is often called the forehead or Ajna, but it is best known as the Third Eye Chakra and this describes it most accurately.

It is associated with spiritual development. This chakra is a little different from the others because of the eye in the middle. This energy center is painted in indigo blue with white sparks and violet flashes. This chakra is the center of our intuition, sixth sense, telepathy, clear vision, insight, sensitivity, logical thinking and concentration.

Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms

An open third eye chakra allows us to access the spiritual field, which crosses the dimensions of space and time. This makes it possible to connect with those subtle energies that are unattainable for our ordinary senses. Seeing the colors of energy, hearing instructions from other worlds and being in a telepathic connection with others are completely characteristic of this chakra when it is open.

Through it, we can immerse ourselves in the beauty of the universe, hear sounds and see colors that are not here on earth and that remain hidden from us until the opening of this energy center. The open and well-harmonized third eye chakra makes us very intuitive, with extrasensory perceptions and able to really express our thoughts.

Signs of Balanced Third Eye Chakra

Signs of Balanced Ajna Chakra

In the third eye chakra we also find the functions of knowledge. It is responsible for the penetration of creative ideas emanating from this center. If this chakra is balanced, the ideas are followed by adequate actions through which they are realized on the physical plane. This chakra helps us to transform raw ideas into finished ones and to gain a clearer and more detailed idea of things.

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A person with an open third eye has a highly developed imagination. Such a person can receive visions and understand them, telepathy is highly developed and he is able to maintain a telepathic connection with others.

If the second and third chakras are the energy stations where our essence is created (second) and our identity is forged (third), the sixth and seventh chakras are the energy stations where the feeling of the separate essence and identity is transcended.

Energies of the Sixth Chakra – Transcending Space & Time

The sixth chakra does this in 2 ways. The ability of the cerebral cortex to perform abstract mental operations allows us to literally transcend the life of our physical body. We can travel to the past, the future, the imaginary, the possible, as well as to the world of symbols, theories and ideas.

In addition, through the energies of the sixth chakra, we can transcend our ordinary identity by gaining access to the spiritual field, which transcends the dimensions of space and time. This makes possible space-time jumps such as telepathy and foreboding, but on a more global scale it adjusts our radar to those subtle energies that are completely unattainable for our ordinary senses.

If you take a deep breath, close your eyes and focus on the area between them, you will be able to see or feel a certain oval-shaped object painted in indigo blue. This is your third eye looking straight at you. This is the eye of your Higher Self. The reason the eye is turned towards you and looking at you is because everything is inside you. There is nothing but what is in your heart and mind.

Third Eye Influence – Covered or Shaded

The illusion is that the physical world exists outside and apart from you. In many people, the third eye is strong, but remains dormant, as if its eyelid is closed. The third eye captures the film of your entire life, including everything you think, feel and do. It also records all the emotions radiated by the people you have ever interacted with.

People with clear vision confirm that when we go beyond, we will watch this movie reviewing our lives. When the chakra of the third eye is pure, you will see the eye of your Higher Self looking straight at you. If it is covered with an eyelid, it means that it is closed. It can be tightly closed, semi-open or flashing. It is likely that the third eye is completely shaded, which completely blocks spiritual vision. This chakra is influenced by thoughts and feelings about:

  • The future – a desire or refusal to see what lies ahead.
  • The past – if you saw something that scared you; if in a past life or in this one you have been persecuted because you were clairvoyants (such people were called “witches” in the past and were executed), in this case this chakra may be blocked.
  • Beliefs related to the spirit world – if you want to see or are afraid to see angels and other non-physical beings.

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The sixth chakra influences many complex biochemical processes of the pineal gland and pituitary gland and serves as a tool for opening your consciousness in the time that exists simultaneously. The third eye is an opening in non-physical reality – a highly valued door to the inner and outer worlds, as an unlimited source of knowledge.

This center is associated with the experience of expanded perceptions. The lessons here include overcoming the fear of knowing what your extended senses perceive in order to penetrate the mysteries revealed through the development of your inner vision. A person with whom this center is open can very well deal with negative thoughts and transform them into positive impulses. This chakra allows a person to know himself.

3rd Eye Chakra Blockage Symptoms Open and Balance

Third Eye Chakra Blockage Symptoms

Blockages in this chakra are physically expressed as a headache or disease of any of the senses (sight, smell, hearing), poor concentration and difficulty remembering. Also, excessive shyness can be a sign that this chakra is blocked.

To open this chakra, it is necessary to first clear any hidden emotions. Such hidden emotions may be caused by an emotional situation that upsets you and you immediately close your third eye and do not want to see what is causing you grief. This should be kept in mind when working with this center.

When this Chakra is BALANCED:

  • Strong intuition
  • Clairvoyance
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Correct Interpretation
  • Good Eyesight
  • Insight
  • Telepathy
  • Sensitivity
  • Logical Thinking
  • Good Concentration
  • Ability to Visualize

When this Chakra is UNBALANCED:

Emotionally: excessive rationalism, stubbornness, prejudice, poor vision, misjudgment, self-delusion, denial of reality, obsessive thoughts.

Physically: Blurred vision, eye diseases, ear diseases, nose diseases, facial nerve diseases, headaches, nightmares, poor concentration, poor memory.

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What Causes Third Eye Chakra Blockage (Reasons): prejudices Missed Avila interpretation and perception of reality, unwilling to see, blurred vision of the meaning of life, cleaned hidden emotions, excessive timidity.

How to Open Third Eye Chakra

1. Chromotherapy (color therapy) – wear clothes and accessories in purple; wrap an indigo blue or purple silk scarf around yourself; fill water in sunlight in a purple glass bottle; focus on indigo and meditate

2. Sound Therapy: Listen, chant or recite “AUM” Mantra. Either meditate on this mantra for at least 20-25 minutes, twice a day or just keep listening to this mantra for as much time possibly as you can.

Musical note: LA; frequencies 221.23 Hz 448 Hz. Third Eye Chakra Healing Frequency played on Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sleep Meditation Music 852 Hz

3. Aromatherapy to open Third Eye Chakra – Jasmine, Mint, Lemongrass, Incense, Basil, Lavender, Neroli, Bergamot, Lemon. An aroma lamp is used; aromatic baths or massages are performed. Fragrances – Aloe (stalks), Basil, Jasmine, Mastic, Sandalwood, Mint, Rosemary, Immortelle, Incense, Juniper

4. Crystal Therapy – indigo blue and purple minerals and crystals balance it, cleanse and stimulate thinking.

5. The Food to Eat – the color of this chakra is indigo and that is why people in the same or close to this color are recommended in order to enhance the brightness and intuition. For health, add more blueberries, grapes, grapes, eggplant, and plums. Lavenderand macaroni seeds also help to better bond with the chakra and boost intuition. Caffeine and organic chocolates are good for the third eye (though not just before bed). Red wines, grape juice and herbal teas are recommended, especially mint, lavender, star anise and gotu kola, as well as healthy fats (omega 3) and protein (nuts, eggs, beans and meat). Organic apple cider vinegar is also helpful.

6. Third Eye Chakra Affirmations Meditation (Repeat 15 times, once or twice a day)

  • “I am a spiritual being and I know that I have been created in the image and likeness of God, my ultimate source and I am completely filled with His presence at all times.”
  • “I know, I have the right to use each of the gifts given to me by God my loving Father. No other person or group of people has the right to limit my spirituality. I am the only master of my life!”
  • “I am completely free from all fears that are associated with the knowledge of eternal truths. My desire to increase my knowledge is stronger than the old patterns of fear. I am worthy to fully develop my heavenly perception. I will use it only for good. And God will watch over my every step on my chosen path of spirituality.”
  • “I see everything clearly and let my intuition guide me!”

7. Yoga Poses to Open Third Eye Chakra

Yoga posture SHVANASANA (Looking Down Dog / Downward Facing Dog Pose). It has a therapeutic effect on sinusitis and relieves the symptoms of menopause. It is important to stay in this position for up to 3 minutes.

Place your middle finger on the bridge of your nose and slide it a few inches up, taking a deep breath and imagining opening your eyelid. Imagine light coming from your root chakra, passing through the second, third, fourth, and fifth chakras and turning into the sixth chakra and shooting outward through your third eye.

Shvanasana Yoga Pose to Open Sixth Chakra

Some people literally feel this as light or a laser beam. For others, the experience is only emotional. It is enough just to imagine how you feel the light that goes up your spine from the root chakra, reaches the sixth, makes a turn and shoots out through your third eye.

In this post we’ve tried to cover almost every aspect of the Third Eye Chakra that is; What is the Third Eye Chakra and How to Open Third Eye Chakra as well as it’s Symptoms, Healing, Meditation and Yoga Poses. You know that you can do wonders and even see the future if you open your Third Eye Chakra. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.