What is the Root Chakra Responsible for?


Root Chakra is the first chakra and the sanskrit name of Root Chakra is: MULADHARA Chakra. Every chakra in our body (Human Body) is responsible for some emotional, physical and mental health, changes, issues, elements, progress and energies. Herein, we’re going to start learning with what is the Root chakra responsible for.

Root Chakra is located at the base of the spinal column between the reproductive organs and the anus (next to the pelvic area). The colors of its vibration are red and black, the auric body root chakra deals with are the ethereal and the physical. Root Chakra’s element is Earth, Musical note that represents DO, its mantra is LAM and as we can see in its image it has a number of petals of 4.

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Root Chakra has only one outlet and is down (direction to the knees approximately). Using its colors you can feed the energy of this chakra. Its correspondences are our earthly existence and survival.

It is related to our level of consciousness that allows us to survive, with materiality, solid and bodily, physical energy and our desire to live in the physical world. The more our root chakra is activated & open, the more vital it is and increases our physical energy (it gives us determination, perseverance and disposition).

More about the Root Chakra

  • Functions: Survival, physical vitality, Kundalini energy seat, creativity, instinct, abundance, etc …
  • Essence: Cedar.
  • Verb: To have.
  • Related body areas: Kidneys, bladder, spine, spine, colon, legs, bones, adrenal glands.
  • Gems or minerals that amplify its spectrum: Ruby, blood stone, red jasper, black tourmaline, etc.
  • Foods that enhance it: Proteins (eye meat and dairy products not recommended, we will try to explain this in another article), fruits and vegetables.
  • Qualities of Root Chakra’s balance: Mastery and control of the physical body, individuality, stability, security, serenity, health, courage, patience, achievements with material matters.
  • Effects of Root Charka’s imbalance: Constipation, tension in the spine, excessive concern with survival, loneliness, ambition, fear of change, insecurity, tension, violence etc …


What is the Root Chakra Responsible for?

What is the Root Chakra Responsible for

If and when the Root Chakra is blocked, it cause anemia, leukemia, kidney failure or excess weight. It creates attitudes of lack of important struggle. I am not capable of hurting a fly! Existential fear “not daring to conceive children for not thinking of not being able to support them”, excessive aggressiveness, fear of dying, not knowing how to manage my time and reaching nothing, being very impatient and dependence on one or more other people “without him I am nothing”.

This is a small example where we can see if we have our Root chakra blocked or not.

With different techniques, ways and methods you can unlock all the chakras of our body or detect their blockage. In my view, it is extremely important for us to know, learn, analyze, understand and find if any of our body chakras is blocked or not and know what is the root chakra responsible for and work to unlock, open and activate the root chakra to avoid fear, anxiety and stay healthy.