How to Open Heart Chakra – Simple Techniques


Anahata means undamaged. The Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra is the center of the heart energy. The central learning tasks of an Open Heart chakra are; unconditional love, healing, forgiveness, compassion and understanding for all living beings.

While the sacral chakra is more about love on a love-making level, whereas the Heart Chakra stands for universal love. The Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra) lies under the chest bone at the level of the heart and forms the center of the energy channels in the chakra system. In its developed form, the 4th chakra is an expression of true love, devotion and harmony.

Disorders in the body due to a weakened heart chakra can be manifested by cardiovascular diseases or chest pain.

How to Open Heart Chakra


Meaning and Assignments of the Heart Chakra

Kindness, empathy, compassion and humanity are among the basic qualities of the heart chakra. The anahata chakra plays a special role in the system of energy channels, because the heart chakra is essential for physical, mental and spiritual health.

This chakra acts as a transition between the other chakras of the higher and lower levels. The opening of the heart chakra supports the connection to the soul and the cosmos.

In the heart center you open yourself to transcendental experiences in order to connect with the highest virtues.

The most important assignments about the Heart Chakra:

  • Central topics: sensitivity, heartfelt joy, all-embracing love, compassion, devotion, understanding
  • Position in the body: at heart level below the chest bone
  • Physical level: heart, thymus, lungs, bronchi, circulation
  • Color: light green, light green
  • Symbol: hexagram
  • Element: air
  • Goddess: Kakini and Isha
  • Planet: Venus

Benefits of Opening Heart Chakra

A developed heart chakra leads to openness and warmth in the area of interpersonal relationships. If your heart center is active, you’ll accept your fellow human beings with all their weaknesses and understand their inner being without judging the outside.

A person with an open anahata chakra (heart chakra) acts socially responsible and is guided by his calling instead of by imposed constraints. He is connected to his intuitive wisdom. If the heart chakra is active, you grasp the deeper connections of life and not only focus on your interests, but also those of your fellow human beings.

How to Open Heart Chakra


Signs of Blocked Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra) – Symptoms

A heart chakra that is not in harmony shows itself in lovelessness, often in exaggerated coolness. A person with a weak / blocked heart chakra is insensitive, hardly addresses the problems of others and often develops addictive behavior. This can be the attachment to money and success, but also the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

If the heart chakra is blocked, there is an inner emptiness that has to be filled in somehow, but nothing is able to replace the real love of the heart. A barely developed heart chakra can have a negative impact on both the body and the soul.

Effects on the body with a blocked Anahata chakra (Heart Chakra):

  • Coronary artery disease, arrhythmia
  • Circulatory disorders, fluctuating blood pressure
  • Angina pectoris, rheumatic diseases
  • Excessive cholesterol, pain in the thoracic vertebrae and shoulders

Effects on the soul level when the Heart Chakra is not open:

  • Cold heart, loneliness, bitterness
  • Difficulty in contact, inability to accept and give love
  • Partnership problems, problems in interpersonal relationships
  • Confidence, distrust, self-centeredness

How can you Open the Heart Chakra?

It is important to clean your energy channels, because only then can the heart chakra open. Various methods can be used here. On the one hand, strengthening the heart chakra is about overcoming the emotional protective wall, on the other hand, dealing with traumas such as separation or betrayal that have led to disorders in the heart chakra.

Anahata chakra traumas are almost always associated with emotional pain, block the ability to forgive and trust in the divine.

How to Open Heart Chakra


Techniques to Open Balance and Unblock Heart Chakra:

  • Heart Chakra Meditation, nature experiences, singing bowls
  • Energetic healing work such as reiki and smoking with mugwort or sweet grass
  • Exploring karmic blockages through hypnosis
  • Mindfulness exercises to stay in the heart chakra
  • Green, heart-opening herbs such as dandelions, nasturtiums, parsley and basil

Yoga to Open Heart Chakra

All yoga exercises with back bends open the heart space and stimulate the heart chakra. These exercises bring you back in touch with your buried feelings, which you can now process and then let go. Feel how the emotions rise in you, allow them and stay in the yoga posture. If the urge to flee is too strong, just step out of your posture.

Watch your breathing flow when you are stressed or sad. You will notice how closely breathing is related to your feelings. Breathing exercises in yoga have a particularly intense effect on this chakra. Try it. Often it is sufficient to sit quietly somewhere and inhale and exhale consciously.

When your heart chakra is open, you are capable of unconditional love and have learned to follow your sensations. You feel life in its entirety. The love of the heart chakra is not linked to any expectations, can empathize with other beings and feels the soul behind the personality.

A strong heart chakra is perceptible to everyone. It radiates universal love. The real joy of the heart always comes from the inside and is completely independent of external circumstances.