What is the Throat Chakra responsible for (How to Unblock Guide)


Today we are talking about the Visuddha chakra, throat chakra or the fifth chakra. Herein, we’ll learn in details about what is the throat chakra (visuddha chakra) responsible for and how to unlock it.

Location of the Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra)

Where in the body do we find the Visuddha chakra?

We have the fifth chakra located in the throat and neck area.

Visuddha is the chakra of communication. It is the first of the three spiritual chakras. It is related to our creative capacity, the ability to express ourselves and the search for truth.

It is associated or represented with the Color Blue.

Mantra HAM
Body Etheric (Pranic Aura)
Element the ether
Deity Sada Shiva

What is the Throat Chakra responsible for

What is Throat Chakra responsible for

Throat Chakra Blockage Symptoms

The old masters say that if your throat chakra is blocked you could have sore throats, colds, hoarseness, cough, lumps in your throat and other neck area problems. Feeling heavy and slow in body movements, feeling afraid to express yourself.

You could hear yourself saying things you don’t want to say, words that are actually other people’s. Using negative, limiting, hurtful phrases, etc. Feeling that you are little or nothing honest with you, feeling that you lack intuition and creativity and seeing that you are silent more than you should.

Symptoms of Throat Chakra Opening

On the other hand, if your fifth chakra is opening or balanced, then you could speak with more sincerity, know in which moments to be silent and in which moments to express more and better about yourself.

With your Visuddha chakra spinning rapidly you could be more creative and feel more sensitivity and intuition. Feel more vitality and that you lose the fear of saying things. Basically, you will have more capacity to express your ideas and points of view.

How to Unblock the Throat Chakra

If you want to activate or unblock the throat chakra you can listen to guided meditations, use phrases with affirmations or positive words, do visualization exercises and you can also sing, some listeners have shared their experiences with it. I leave you a link to one of the exercises to activate the chakras that I have shared here in What are the 7 Chakras in our Body.

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