5 Simple Bedtime Meditations 10 Minutes before Sleep


Meditation is a practice that serves to reconcile a deeper sleep because it helps release stress and connect with oneself. After the activities we do every day, it is advisable to meditate to sleep better and increase our daily performance. Herein, we would like to present 5 Bedtime Meditations (10 Minutes) before Sleep which you can practice regularly to have deeper and sound sleep.

5 Bedtime Meditations (10 Minutes) before Sleep

1. Conscious Breathing Meditation

Conscious Breathing Meditation Exercise – bringing your focus and attention on your breathing. In doing so, all the worries you may have in mind are gradually lost.

Practicing this Meditation exercise before bedtime will help you rest better because both your body and mind will forget the concerns that cause you stress and will surely help you to relax and will gradually get you into a deeper sleep state.

Try this meditation exercise for 10 minutes on a regular basis while being on bed for better sleep & anxiety relief.

2. Inane Mantra Meditation

Inane Mantra Meditation Exercise consists of repeating several times a word that you do not know and that doesn’t have a meaning or is meaningless.

Before going to bed, sit comfortably and for 10 minutes repeat some syllable like le-le-le or mu-mu-mu monotonously until your mind leads you through new sounds.

The only important thing is that it does not belong to a language that you know, it shouldn’t have a meaning or any kind of memory attached to it. Everything you get to pronounce will be of a new language. It must be something that doesn’t have a meaning, that doesn’t let you remember something / someone, that doesn’t let you link or relate it to anything.

Practice this meditation for 10 minutes before going to bed and you will see that you achieve a deeper sleep very easily and quickly.

3. Body Awareness Meditation

In Body Awareness Meditation, when you are lying on bed, think about your body. Try and bring all your focus and attention to your body.

Breathe slowly, bring your attention and concentrate on each & every single part of your body. Start from the head and travel slowly to the feet – covering and noticing each and every part of your body and sensations happening at the current moment.

Feel the full weight of your body on the bed and let it sink into it. Do it until you fall asleep. If at all your lose your attention / focus, don’t worry and just bring it back to your body and again start from the head and feel the sensations happening in every part of the body.

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Do it until you fall asleep and soon you gradually will. Though 10 minutes of this Bedtime Meditation will show you results very quickly.

Sleep Meditation

4. Identification of Blockages Meditation

Before bed, breathe easy and try to leave your mind blank for 10 minutes.

You probably have certain thoughts that come back to your mind again and again. Identify what they are, observe them and without delving into them let them pass. You don’t have to try hard to be thoughtless or something. You just need to identify every single thought that is traveling through your mind, need to observe them notice those thoughts but do not delve in them, do not travel with them – just let them go / pass.

The important thing is to learn to identify the thoughts, concerns, issues, tensions, memories that do not let you rest and gradually let them go, allow them to travel and pass. Just stay above them.

Shortly you’ll notice your mind getting relaxed and inviting deep sleep with this 10 Minutes Meditation.

5. Guided Meditations – How can I fall asleep in 10 minutes?

If you also have the question that how can you fall asleep within 10 minutes, then I would suggest you that you can find some videos of guided 10 minutes meditations that will help you sleep deeply. Listen to these Guided 10 minutes meditations and practice the same while being on bed and I assure you that you will be able to fall asleep easily and quickly if done properly and if you follow instructions shared in this step-by-step guided 10 minutes meditation.

We sincerely hope that our effort of writing this post on “5 Bedtime Meditations 10 Minutes before Sleep” really helps you to practice meditation and getting into a deep sleep. If you have any questions, queries, feedback, suggestions or anything, please feel free to share your comments below.